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Mclean Sherwood Event Rental understands customer needs and goes the extra mile..”

Account Executive,
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Gail Dickson – Caterer, Event Planner

Cupcake Fun

Posted: Sep 7, 08:50 AM Permanent Link
Cupcake Fun

I am a big fan of cupcakes. Chocolate, vanilla, rainbow, carrot, red velvet, you name it. In my opinion, it is not only the taste of the cupcake that matters, but also the presentation. How a cupcake is decorated can make it more appealing to the eye. I like to be creative, I enjoy arts and crafts, interior design, writing, decorating, etc. so of course I take quite a liking to decorating cakes and cupcakes.

The presentation of a cake or cupcake does not have to be this difficult, mind-blowing design with different colours and special effort, it can be very simple yet pleasing. Using different icing tips and a steady hand is the easiest way to make a treat look even better. And of course using coloured icing and a dash of fun sprinkles or edible pearls on top always gives your cupcakes that little bit extra.

If you are feeling a little adventurous, fondant can always be fun to try. Although it can be difficult to work with, it can turn your treat into an elegant dessert. Fondant can be coloured with food colouring (wear gloves, it is messy to mix in), and patterns can be pressed into the topping with knives, forks or toothpicks. Fondant is like working with playdough, it can be molded into flowers and other designs like graduation hats or baby rattles. Fondant is a great way to “accessorize” your cupcake.

If you are not comfortable with fancy designs or molding fondant, just add sprinkles or use coloured icing appropriate to the occasion. If people do not eat them, they are simply missing out on a delicious dessert.


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Hot Days

Posted: Aug 24, 10:39 PM Permanent Link
Hot Days

We have several hot days this summer and cooling down is not always easy. If you work outside or live with no air conditioning you know the struggles of cooling down in the humid weather. Here are some fun summer treats to help you cool down this summer!

Fruit Punch Pops. These delicious treats are simply made of fruit juice and frozen fruit frozen together in a popsicle tray. Deliciously fruity!

One of my favourites, Frozen Yogurt Bark. Using a baking sheet, cover it with parchment paper, so the bark does not stick. Spread a layer of vanilla yogurt along the baking sheet, about one quarter inch thick. Add flavour by sprinkling the yogurt with small pieces of frozen fruit and chocolate chips. Let the bark sit in the freezer until fully frozen before cutting or breaking it into your desired serving. Cool, healthy, and yummy!

One I have not tried yet, Jell-O Watermelon. Cut a watermelon in half and hollow out one half. Make a watermelon Jell-O mix and pour it into the hollowed out half of the melon. Let the mix set according to the instructions. Slice like you would a watermelon. You can add raisins or other small fruit pieces to look like the seeds in a watermelon slice.

Hope these treats help you cool down. Happy summer!


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Expect the Unexpected

Posted: Aug 15, 05:05 PM Permanent Link
Expect the Unexpected

Everybody knows that no matter what situation there is a possibility of something unexpected. Some percentage for something wrong, some percentage for something surprisingly right, some percentage for everything to go as expected. Because the unexpected is something to always be expected, here is a list of five things that should be at any special event, whether it be a wedding, a birthday, or a bridal or baby shower.

1. Always, always, always bring an umbrella. Ever heard that you should never trust a weatherman? Well, rain, no matter the forecast, should always be expected.
2. Chewing gum or mints. Maybe the groom was too excited or nervous to remember to brush his teeth or there is garlic and onion in the food. No one wants to worry about bad breath on a day to celebrate.
3. Feminine products. As much as women try to estimate the day and approximate time of our monthly friend, there is a possibility of it showing up early or late. Placing a little basket in the bathroom of various feminine products might just save someone’s day.
4. A nervous bride or groom might start to sweat, and it is not the day they want to worry about body odour. Pick up a little travel stick of deodorant to throw in your bag or keep in the bathroom just in case.
5. Safety pins will be your best friend for those minor wardrobe malfunctions. Hiding little rips or making sure your strapless bra doesn’t fall down under your strapless dress, safety pins are a must have for anyone’s wardrobe.

There are several other things that would be a good idea to just toss in a little bag to have with you, but those are just a few small, easy to carry necessities.

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Simple Weddings

Posted: Jul 15, 01:07 PM Permanent Link
Simple Weddings

I know of so many couples who have gotten or are getting married in 2015. Most of my friends are in the university/ college generation, so planning a wedding has a budget that is not very high. Here are a couple ideas for planning a wedding on a budget.

Keep the guest list small. The larger the guest list, the more spent on food, table settings, etc. Plan for close friends and family. You don’t need to invite your sister’s best friend’s dad’s cousin.

Make your own table centres. They can be simple, from flowers in mason jars to glass bowls with coloured stones and tea lights. The dollar store has simple decorations that can spark several ideas for easy centrepieces.

At my cousin’s wedding a couple years ago the wedding favour was homemade jam in mini mason jars with homemade labels. It was a little time consuming, but it is a great way to save money.

Don’t feel that you need to find a wedding planner. You do not. If you want one and you can afford one, it may take some stress off the steps of planning a wedding, but don’t feel the need to hire someone to get your wedding day perfect. Many individual vendors – like* McLean Sherwood Event Rental *- can help guide you through selections and make suggestions based on what they know works and doesn’t work.

There are several ways to save money on your wedding, it doesn’t need to be thousands of dollars. There are lists all over the internet on simple ways to plan your wedding on a budget.

Happy planning!

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Summer Fun

Posted: Jul 10, 08:33 AM Permanent Link
Summer Fun

Summer is here! The warm weather, the vacations, the sunshine. What is there not to love about summer? Even Olaf loves summer, and he’s a snowman.

What are you doing with your summer?

I’m a university student, so my summer is spent working to pay rent and tuition, but I still have my vacation days. I have plans to go skydiving with my grandfather, one of his bucket list activities I get to tag along on. I’m standing in a wedding later this summer, as stated in a previous post. Along with the wedding is all the things that come with it, the bridal shower and bachelorette party.
Aside from these events I held a garage sale already and am working on a few do-it-yourself projects. My current project is a tire table. It is a table made from two tires stacked, filled with a piece of wood to make a flat table surface, and spray-painted to give it some colour. About one third of the way finished and almost the whole summer to go. It’s a full summer!

Do you have any vacation plans? Any summer projects? Or is your summer going to be spent relaxing under the sun and working on that summer tan?

Happy Summer!


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DIY on Pinterest

Posted: Jun 21, 09:14 AM Permanent Link
DIY on Pinterest

Although I never get around to doing home projects and DIY ideas, I love the creativity of it and have challenged myself to try a few ideas over the summer. Sometimes it is hard to find exactly what kind of DIY project you are looking for, but I found the perfect place to look first.

I recently became a member of the well-known social media site Pinterest. The amount of do-it-yourself ideas on the site is amazing. I simply typed in “DIY party ideas” into the Pinterest search and came up with some wonderful ideas for favours, gifts, games, etc. I am not an avid Pinterest user, but I look forward to using some of the ideas for future parties. Make a Pinterest account and save some of your favourite ideas.

Some of my favourite Pinterest ideas:

Lego mason jars for a Lego themed party:

“Ready to Pop” baby shower popcorn favours:

Ghostly dress lawn décor:

Pretty princess tea party:

These are only a couple ideas of external links I found from Pinterest, but there are many great ideas on each page.

Pinterest has more than just party ideas, there are DIY furniture ideas, crafts for adults and kids, and pages on pretty much every topic you can think of.

Pinterest is a great way to brainstorm ideas for your next great party.


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