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“Thank you for the outstanding job you did for us on Aug 6th. The tent, flooring, dance floor, etc. were magnificent. You and your team worked so hard to make sure the evenings events flowed so smoothly and looked so good.”
Nalini Watsa – Erin

“Your advice and professionalism contributed to the sucess of the event. Thank you for your time and dedication to our first sucessful event.”
Lorna Reid
Director, Early Years Integration
Region of Peel


Posted: Feb 3, 01:07 PM Permanent Link

Very recently I was asked to be a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding. I have not known her for long, but we connected quickly and it will be an exciting experience. It already is an exciting experience.
I am shockingly one of twelve bridesmaids. Similarly there are twelve groomsmen, making a very crowded wedding party and a stressed out bride. Getting information to reach all twenty-four people and attempting to have everyone agree with the wishes of the bride and groom has been a struggle. The bride is even struggling to get the groom to cooperate with some things!

Luckily for this soon-to-be-married friend of mine, family has been supportive and things have fallen together nicely. The first bridesmaid dress one of us tried on was the perfect one, it took only about seven wedding dresses for the bride to have her mind set on the perfect dress. The groom is still working on his groomsmen, but with some pressure from the bride things are slowly moving along.

Family connections are always a huge help when planning a wedding. Your friend’s connections might be something to take advantage of, too. The bride is renting from Mclean Sherwood, has a photographer for an uncle, and people know people to get the catering at a slightly discounted rate. Do not get greedy, but if you have the opportunity to save a few dollars when planning a wedding, use it.

If you are a bride-to-be, I am sure you are just as stressed out as my friend currently is. Do not overwhelm yourself, ask for help, and take days to yourself where you can just relax. If I have learned anything from my first month as a bridesmaid, it is that the bride just needs her days where the wedding planning is on hold.

Happy planning!

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Something Old, Something New...

Posted: Jan 19, 03:11 PM Permanent Link
Something Old, Something New...

Welcome to the New Year!

2015 is here and so many people are making plans for the months to come. Several couples in my friend group and my friend’s friend groups recently became engaged over the holidays. Wedding planning is beginning. It is a little crazy with all the wedding talk to see those I have grown up with finding the love of their life, leaving their families and “putting a ring on it”. It seems getting engaged was the major “fad” this holiday season and I wish all the best to those planning their wedding!

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Are you stuck on what to do? Start with something old. Often this is an item that has been passed down through the family, however, if the item handed down through the generations is something you can wear, like a grandmother’s silver or gold chain or a relative’s broach, it could most likely be hidden in a fold in the dress and would be an easy find for something old. Even a piece of jewelry given to you as a child could be considered something old. Something new is easy; the wedding dress and the shoes are typically new. Something borrowed; try jewelry. A necklace, bracelet, anklet, or earrings are the perfect item to fulfill this wedding day cliché. Raid your mother’s or best friend’s jewelry box until you find the perfect borrowed item. Just make sure you ask first. And finally, something blue can be much more difficult if you are not having blue as a wedding colour. Put a little blue clip in your hair or hide something blue under you dress; no matter how small it is, it is still something blue.

Happy planning!

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Christmas Past, Christmas Future

Posted: Dec 24, 11:18 AM Permanent Link

It’s that time of year again, malls are filled with busy shoppers, wrapping paper swallows the inside of your house, the tree is decorated, the lights are up, and Christmas music is playing on every radio station. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

In my Christmas past, it has always been an important family holiday. I saw all the cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Santa filled my stocking with a toothbrush, a fruit, and goodies any kid would want, before leaving a surprise for myself and my brothers around the Christmas tree. Every year we held the same traditions and every year was just as great as the last.

With changing times traditions began to fade; cousins getting married and grandparents passing away. Instead of two Christmases – Christmas Day and Boxing Day – it has gone down to one, but family still joins us for Christmas morning.

As time goes on, traditions change. And although we may be sad to see the old ones go, we can watch new ones come to life. What are your Christmas traditions? What were your Christmas traditions as a child? Traditions make great memories, and they are perfect to pass down to a family of your own.

Merry Christmas from Mclean Sherwood Event Rental!

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Winter Wedding

Posted: Dec 5, 03:29 PM Permanent Link

Ever dreamt of a winter wonderland wedding? As it is getting colder out, snow is falling and the brides that dream of a perfect winter wedding are excited, and obviously stressed as any bride would be, especially if there is no snow.

Whenever the wedding may be, keep your fingers crossed the weather is willing.
To all brides: you cannot control the weather on the day of your wedding. It may rain, snow, or even storm, but that does not have to take away from the true event of the day, your wedding. Poor weather does not make for a poor wedding.

Because weather is unpredictable, summer or winter, make sure you have a plan. Make sure to have several umbrellas available for the bridal party, because it can rain at the most unexpected time. Two more must haves, sunscreen and insect repellent. If you are doing outdoor photos in the middle of summer, it is most likely going to be fairly warm and it would not be ideal to see all the bridesmaids and groomsmen, along with the bride and groom, with rosy red faces from a sunburn. Insect repellent, although it may smell bad, (mind you they are getting better – try Avon’s Skin-So-Soft) it would look better if everyone could stand still to get the photos taken instead of swatting bugs and getting little red welts.

If it is a winter wedding, as silly as it may sound, bring boots. As the bride, I am sure you do not want to be walking around in wet feet and heels, because you had to walk through a little bit of slush or snow. Wet shoes is never a comfortable feeling. My parents got married on December 28. One thing they did to protect against the weather was to rent fur shawls for the girls. It turned out to be a mild day, but what an elegant touch for the wedding!

Weather is not predictable, no matter what the weatherman says. It is better to over prepared for your special day – summer or winter – and have the weather exactly as you had hoped, than to be under prepared and scrambling for solutions. Happy Wedding!

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THE TENT Venue @ McLean Sherwood

Posted: Nov 17, 12:01 PM Permanent Link

McLean Sherwood is proud to now offer clients a venue site to host their next event. THE TENT @ McLean Sherwood is the only indoor tent venue that hosts groups of up to 100 people for weddings, Christmas dinners, corporate gatherings or any other type of event you come up with!
Two things make THE TENT more unique than any other venue in Brampton… the beauty of having a fully decorated tent, complete with ruffled liner, chandeliers and specialty lighting with the comfort of being indoors – in the middle of winter…. and the ability to customize your decor by selecting any chair style, dinnerware and linen pattern from our extensive rental stock! All for one inclusive price! You don’t get that at any other venue around!

Call us or simply drop in to view the venue or book your dates!

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Halloween Fun Facts

Posted: Oct 28, 01:20 PM Permanent Link

Halloween is fast approaching. Orange and black line shelves at Dollarama and Walmart, costume shops are in their busiest season, and candy is in large displays at any grocery store. For some people, it is one of the most crucial holidays. It’s the opportunity to dress up as whatever or whoever you choose and eat all the candy, chocolate and junk food you want without anyone telling you not to. Houses are decorated with jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and spiders. People really get into this spooky holiday, some even more so than Christmas.
Here are a few fun facts to consider around the parties and the trick-or-treating:
- Pumpkins contain about 500 seeds each
- Pumpkins are also an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin B, potassium, protein and iron
- 90% of parents admit to sneaking treats from their kids
- In Mexico and other Latin American countries, Halloween is known as Dίa de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead
- October 31st is also known as All Saints Eve or All Hallows Eve
Are you ready for Halloween? Is your costume perfected? Have you bought candy to hand out? Is the exterior of your house decorated to instil fear in young trick-or-treaters? Halloween is not observed by all, but these ancient traditions of costumes and the handing out of food has followed several generations. Be prepared this October 31st for some ghostly fun.

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