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“McLean’s delivered the rentals with ease, in the exact place, tents erected perfectly and frankly, in record time given the time of day and spitting down with rain. The level of customer service and dedication to the task at hand was second to none.
Mclean Sherwood Event Rental understands customer needs and goes the extra mile..”

Account Executive,
Feast Your Eyes Catering Inc.

“Your team has always gone above and beyond to help answer my questions, or find just the right thing I need. From the girls taking my order, to the guys dropping it off. So a great big thank you to all your amazing team! “

Arlene Callaghan, Sodexho Services

Spring Showers

Posted: Mar 5, 04:20 PM Permanent Link
Spring Showers

It’s a girl!

Some family friends just had their first baby, a little girl named Leona. She weighed in at 9 pounds 6 ounces. Congratulations to the happy family!
Baby showers and the welcoming home are always so much fun with little games, tasty treats, and excellent company. Decorate in specific colours, pink for a girl and blue for a boy (if you go the traditional route) or just choose a festive colour if waiting for the baby to born. You decorate with balloons, signs, and other decorations. It is a party! Let go, have some fun, but do not let the pregnant woman drink!

When throwing a baby shower it can be difficult to keep it feeling like a party if the only thing there is to do is eat. Having been to a couple bridal and baby showers myself, it is always more fun when there are some activities to participate in.

A crowd favourite is the pin game. Everyone gets a safety pin or clothespin to attach to an edge of their top. The host chooses a challenge, like not crossing legs or ankles, not saying a specific name or word, or not doing a specific action, and if someone catches another doing the forbidden challenge they take the pin of the accused. Near the end of the party the person with the most pins wins a prize. It is simple to put together and an easy game to play.

There is also the quiz on the couple, the word search, or trying to draw a specific thing with the paper on top of your head. What are your favourite simple party games?


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