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What People are saying about McLean-Sherwood:

“Thank you so much for your contribution and professionalism surrounding our recent National Championship. Without your help, the event would not have been nearly as successful.”
Jim Flack – Sheridan Bruins – Brampton Ontario

“Thank you for the outstanding job you did for us on Aug 6th. The tent, flooring, dance floor, etc. were magnificent. You and your team worked so hard to make sure the evenings events flowed so smoothly and looked so good.”
Nalini Watsa – Erin

Hello Fall!

Posted: Oct 5, 04:47 PM Permanent Link
Hello Fall!

Brittany’s Blog

Hello Fall! ’Tis the season of colour.

If you have not figured it out yet from reading my previous blogs, I love colours, so that automatically makes me a fan of all the changing colours of fall. Red, orange, yellow. The warm, cozy colours that go perfectly with a pumpkin spice latte, white hot chocolate, and marshmallows. I know that technically the leaves change colour because they are dying, but the colours of the season bring life to the fall and the colder weather.

Soon, if time be willing, I hope to work in our showroom to help finish off our set up for the Halloween and Thanksgiving season. Using warm colours, basic black, leaves, pumpkins, fake cobwebs and many other items to spice up the showroom. My favourite item for this time of year isn’t actually a decoration, but I think it completes a spooky Halloween look; it’s our soup kettle, but I prefer to call it the black cauldron. It is one of our pieces of cooking equipment, so it could be used for great purpose at a Halloween party, but it looks just like a witch’s cauldron. If you are hosting a Halloween party, trust me, it’s a must have.

Anyways, pull out your sweaters, cute boots, and scarves. Enjoy and embrace the change that comes with autumn.


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