Very recently I was asked to be a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding. I have not known her for long, but we connected quickly and it will be an exciting experience. It already is an exciting experience.
I am shockingly one of twelve bridesmaids. Similarly there are twelve groomsmen, making a very crowded wedding party and a stressed out bride. Getting information to reach all twenty-four people and attempting to have everyone agree with the wishes of the bride and groom has been a struggle. The bride is even struggling to get the groom to cooperate with some things!

Luckily for this soon-to-be-married friend of mine, family has been supportive and things have fallen together nicely. The first bridesmaid dress one of us tried on was the perfect one, it took only about seven wedding dresses for the bride to have her mind set on the perfect dress. The groom is still working on his groomsmen, but with some pressure from the bride things are slowly moving along.

Family connections are always a huge help when planning a wedding. Your friend’s connections might be something to take advantage of, too. The bride is renting from Mclean Sherwood, has a photographer for an uncle, and people know people to get the catering at a slightly discounted rate. Do not get greedy, but if you have the opportunity to save a few dollars when planning a wedding, use it.

If you are a bride-to-be, I am sure you are just as stressed out as my friend currently is. Do not overwhelm yourself, ask for help, and take days to yourself where you can just relax. If I have learned anything from my first month as a bridesmaid, it is that the bride just needs her days where the wedding planning is on hold.

Happy planning!






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