Congratulations! You’ve made it through this crazy time to another Christmas! For many, this December will look far more like years past than 2020. And for most, that means gathering as family to share time around the dinner table. As always, that’s where we come in!
To save time and effort in the kitchen cleaning up and doing the dishes, why not rent everything you need for the table. From Christmas tablecloths and runners to full, matching place settings, McLean Sherwood has most anything you will want to bring that family together to celebrate. As always, we do all the washing at our warehouse, saving you valuable time to spend with those you love. Rest assured that all our dinnerware comes sterilized and wrapped for your safety and convenience so it can go direct from container to table!
Not enough seats at the table? We also carry a variety of chairs and tables to give everyone a place.
Give us a call! We’ll walk you through every step of the process!






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