DIY on Pinterest

Although I never get around to doing home projects and DIY ideas, I love the creativity of it and have challenged myself to try a few ideas over the summer. Sometimes it is hard to find exactly what kind of DIY project you are looking for, but I found the perfect place to look first.

I recently became a member of the well-known social media site Pinterest. The amount of do-it-yourself ideas on the site is amazing. I simply typed in “DIY party ideas” into the Pinterest search and came up with some wonderful ideas for favours, gifts, games, etc. I am not an avid Pinterest user, but I look forward to using some of the ideas for future parties. Make a Pinterest account and save some of your favourite ideas.

Some of my favourite Pinterest ideas:

Lego mason jars for a Lego themed party:

“Ready to Pop” baby shower popcorn favours:

Ghostly dress lawn décor:

Pretty princess tea party:

These are only a couple ideas of external links I found from Pinterest, but there are many great ideas on each page.

Pinterest has more than just party ideas, there are DIY furniture ideas, crafts for adults and kids, and pages on pretty much every topic you can think of.

Pinterest is a great way to brainstorm ideas for your next great party.







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