Going Green

In today’s culture of environmental awareness, more and more people are forever finding ways to reduce the footprints we leave in our world. Many of us in our 30’s and 40’s were introduced as kids to the phrase ‘Reduce, Re-use and Recycle’. As a society, we have continued to progress in the ways we can implement these three values. If we continue, the children of today will no longer have to be introduced to these ideas, but instead have them automatically integrated into their everyday lives.

Without even knowing it, the party rental industry has played a key role in minimizing the environmental impact on the world for the past 6 decades. China plates, stainless steel cutlery and linen tablecloths are sent ready for your table, then packed up at the end of the night to be returned in reusable containers, washed and made ready for the next function. It would be nice to think that every paper plate, plastic fork and disposable napkin ends up in the recycle bin, but at the end of a long day of partying, the big, black plastic bag tends to do most of the cleanup

And with today’s technology, washers use less water than ever before during the wash process and environmentally friendly chemicals are becoming more prevalent all the time. To attempt to maximize return on investments, party rentals will refurbish tables instead of replacing, or in many cases, cut down damaged tables and tablecloths to make smaller sizes.

At the end of the day, what began as serving a need for quantity and quality of items for your function, has turned into a step toward keeping this planet clean and useful to generations to come. The party rental industry including McLean-Sherwood Party Rental is doing it’s part to continue this tradition. So next time you walk past the paper products aisle at your big box store, pass on by, pick up a phone and call us. For a little extra investment, you’ll be sure to please your guests….as well as mother nature.

Submitted by:
Peter Webster CERP
President – McLean-Sherwood Party Rental






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