Hot Days

We have several hot days this summer and cooling down is not always easy. If you work outside or live with no air conditioning you know the struggles of cooling down in the humid weather. Here are some fun summer treats to help you cool down this summer!

Fruit Punch Pops. These delicious treats are simply made of fruit juice and frozen fruit frozen together in a popsicle tray. Deliciously fruity!

One of my favourites, Frozen Yogurt Bark. Using a baking sheet, cover it with parchment paper, so the bark does not stick. Spread a layer of vanilla yogurt along the baking sheet, about one quarter inch thick. Add flavour by sprinkling the yogurt with small pieces of frozen fruit and chocolate chips. Let the bark sit in the freezer until fully frozen before cutting or breaking it into your desired serving. Cool, healthy, and yummy!

One I have not tried yet, Jell-O Watermelon. Cut a watermelon in half and hollow out one half. Make a watermelon Jell-O mix and pour it into the hollowed out half of the melon. Let the mix set according to the instructions. Slice like you would a watermelon. You can add raisins or other small fruit pieces to look like the seeds in a watermelon slice.

Hope these treats help you cool down. Happy summer!







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