May Showers?

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It is wedding season, or so it seems. Summer brides are putting together the final pieces of their perfect day. There are bridal showers, table arrangements, RSVPs, dress and tux fittings, etc.

It just so happens for me that two of my friends are getting married on the exact same day, but of course I will be going to the wedding of which I am a bridesmaid. Soon enough I will be going in for a dress fitting so the final alterations can be made for the rose-pink bridesmaid dress. I will be attending a bridal shower in which there will be games, snacks, and several friends of the bride I have yet to meet. But all in all, it is an exciting time and a seemingly perfect season for weddings.

Calling all friends of the bride, maids of honour, mothers of the engaged; it is time to plan the bridal shower. Bridal showers can be simple and at a low cost if you know how to plan and you set time aside to do a little work for it. Cupcakes are simple to bake, using the cupcake box mixes and blending a simple icing mix found in almost every cake or cupcake cookbook. You could get really creative and use coloured icing for a really nice touch or decorate with fondant for an elegant look. Make quizzes about the bride and groom for fun games and simple prizes can be scented candles and bubble bath mix. And always, always, always have the maid of honour or the bridesmaids use a paper plate and leftovers of the gifts (tissue paper, ribbon, etc.) to make a cute little hat for the bride to wear. Finish the party with favours of little boxed candies or small candles in a decorated mason jar.

Enjoy the days leading up to the wedding and the wedding itself. Spoil the bride and have a little fun yourself.







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