Summer is Hot and so is Vintage!

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Hello, hello! I know it has been a while since a blog has been posted, but now that I am out of exams and settled into my summer job I hope to post more frequently.

It is summer! Finally the sun is shining and the warm weather has come. Time to pull out those packed away shorts and swimsuits for what will hopefully be a beautiful season.

I recently received an invitation in the mail to a summer wedding for a family friend, so why don’t we talk summer wedding trends.

Vintage has been on the rise for some time now, and I don’t think it will be going anywhere anytime soon. Mismatched dishes, wildflowers and pastel colours are all popular this wedding season. Of course, in the summer outdoor weddings are often preferred, but planning the party in a barn is a popular choice with the vintage look. Wine barrels, lace, earth tones, and wildflowers are all something to look at when planning a vintage themed wedding.

With our recent partnership with Vintage Rentals and the lovely Vicky, I came to the realization that chalkboard signs are highly favoured for both the ceremony and reception. Distressed wood doors with chalkboards replacing the windows or small picture frames on stands with adorable little messages, like “ ‘You can dance!’ Love Wine.” Even chalkboard table numbers are a great addition to a vintage style wedding.

Enjoy your summer and I hope this wedding season holds beautiful weather for all you happy couples.







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