Thanksgiving Ideas

Thanksgiving is almost here! Are you hosting this year? Stressed about making this family holiday look nice without breaking your budget?

Do not let this Thanksgiving get you down. Host your holiday meal with autumn colours like red and orange to add a warm and welcoming glow to the atmosphere of your feast. Avoid worrying about the younger children by using battery operated candles as centrepiece decorations and let Mclean Sherwood Event Rental save you the stress of doing dishes. Small pumpkins make excellent decorations on mantles or tables, and they come in several shapes, colours and sizes, so do not be afraid to mix and match. Use earthy tones to decorate inside your home and brighter shades of orange and red on the exterior to add life to the whole event. If you are unsure of how to fix up the tables to add a more sophisticated look, napkin rings always add a cleaner appeal to the table, or if you have the time, fold the napkins into a specific pattern or design on each guests’ plate. Fabric napkins save garbage and add a more sophisticated appeal, and renting them would save you the extra load of laundry. And, as every adult wishes, do not forget to keep the kids occupied to make the evening even more stress-free. Printing out colouring pages for the kids, leaving out a few easy-to-clean games, and some outdoor toys should keep the youngsters occupied for a little while, hopefully long enough for you adults to have a good conversation.

Events do not have to be complicated to be extravagant.* Happy Thanksgiving!_*






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