Valentine's Day 2015

It is the month of love, February. Do you have that special someone to share Valentine’s Day with? Have you made reservations yet? Bought a gift? Made any plans at all? Maybe I can help.

Guys, if you have yet to make a reservation, you may be a little late. Cook. The woman you are trying to impress is likely to find you more attractive if you prepare the meal yourself. Try a simple pasta, like spaghetti, or if you are really up to the challenge why not make a savoury steak. It does not have to be the meal of all meals, but do not make her a frozen pizza or the easy stove top hot dogs, so not romantic.

Ladies, buying your man a gift can often be a dreaded shopping trip, and you know we love shopping. So, instead of buying the default of socks or other clothing necessities, delve a little deeper into his interests. A businessman may need a new silver watch. If he is into hunting look at pocket knives. A true handyman (not the handyman you make him) could possibly use an update on some of his tools. His hobbies will make gift shopping a lot easier, and if you still get stuck ask an expert. People work in retail stores to make sure you find exactly what you need. Put those good people to work and find your man the perfect gift.

For those of you who have no plans, have no significant person, and are planning on sitting on the couch and letting the sorrows of your single life swallow you, change of plans. Make a date with some other single friends, have a small party for all you single people and just enjoy the night that is really no more special than any other night of the week. The single life is a good life, too.

Happy Valentine’s Day






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