Want a wedding like Harry and Meghan? Sometimes less is more!

What a stunning day for the royal newlyweds. The weather was perfect, the guests looked lovely, and the loving gaze between Harry and Meghan was undeniably perfect. The perfect fairy tale wedding, but is this attainable as a commoner? Here’s what you need to put together a royal wedding of your own.

Let’s start with the invites. Harry and Meghan had simple, yet elegant invites. The eight-by-six white cards had elegant black writing with the Prince of Wales Three-Feathered Badge in gold. Invited do not have to be over the top, but as simple as white cardstock, black lettering and a little sparkle just for fun.

The wedding party looked a little different at the latest royal wedding. Meghan did not want to choose over her many close friends, and instead of a maid of honor chose a couple friends on the younger side. This wedding party consisted of flower girls and page boys (and Prince William as the best man). This group of ten children included the boys of Meghan’s close friend Jessica Mulroney and her new niece and nephew Prince George and Princess Charlotte. For a wedding like theirs, your bridal party would have to be on the small side, pun intended.

This next feature may be a little harder to come by. The royal choice of transportation is a horse drawn carriage, quite a statement to the standard dressed up cars or limos most of choose. The service can be difficult to find and will not be cheap, but to match this royal wedding it requires a little parade through town in a stunning black and red accented carriage.

Meghan’s more sleek and simple style made for a lovely wedding day. Her tiara stood out against the crisp, flat white dress. Eyes were drawn to the loving faces of Harry and Meghan, rather than over the top decorations. The black gospel choir echoed through the pews of St. George’s Church. Despite the resources attainable for such a wedding, Meghan stuck to her traditional, conservative style for a unique and stunning day.

Congratulations Harry and Meghan! Looking forward to some details from the royal honeymoon.






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