Winter Wedding

Ever dreamt of a winter wonderland wedding? As it is getting colder out, snow is falling and the brides that dream of a perfect winter wedding are excited, and obviously stressed as any bride would be, especially if there is no snow.

Whenever the wedding may be, keep your fingers crossed the weather is willing.
To all brides: you cannot control the weather on the day of your wedding. It may rain, snow, or even storm, but that does not have to take away from the true event of the day, your wedding. Poor weather does not make for a poor wedding.

Because weather is unpredictable, summer or winter, make sure you have a plan. Make sure to have several umbrellas available for the bridal party, because it can rain at the most unexpected time. Two more must haves, sunscreen and insect repellent. If you are doing outdoor photos in the middle of summer, it is most likely going to be fairly warm and it would not be ideal to see all the bridesmaids and groomsmen, along with the bride and groom, with rosy red faces from a sunburn. Insect repellent, although it may smell bad, (mind you they are getting better – try Avon’s Skin-So-Soft) it would look better if everyone could stand still to get the photos taken instead of swatting bugs and getting little red welts.

If it is a winter wedding, as silly as it may sound, bring boots. As the bride, I am sure you do not want to be walking around in wet feet and heels, because you had to walk through a little bit of slush or snow. Wet shoes is never a comfortable feeling. My parents got married on December 28. One thing they did to protect against the weather was to rent fur shawls for the girls. It turned out to be a mild day, but what an elegant touch for the wedding!

Weather is not predictable, no matter what the weatherman says. It is better to over prepared for your special day – summer or winter – and have the weather exactly as you had hoped, than to be under prepared and scrambling for solutions. Happy Wedding!






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